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This actually happened! We did it!

Last Saturday was the first Tahira x Trying to be a mum “How to detox your beauty” event and it was fab! (if I do say so myself!).

The amazing Hunter Collective  hosted us in their gorgeous space and we spent the afternoon immersed in exploring cleaner beauty options on all levels! There was an incredible energy in the room, and this was down to the gorgeous people that came and took part in our little idea!

Why did we do it?

The initial idea came to me because I’ve been trying to “reduce our toxic load” in our lives in way or another for probably the last year. After successive failed attempts at IVF, despite living like saints, exercising and eating all the good things, it felt like there was more we could do… I mean you do everything right?! And I was starting to run out of “things”. Also it was great to be “producing” something again!

So this seemed the best way to go. But when it came to skincare and make up, I had no clue where to start. Luckily Tahira and I met many moons ago, and I decided to hit her up for some advice. Then I realised that there are all these amazing small brands but no physical spaces (or at least not many) for people to go and try and play and see what works for them. So I thought we need to bring this to the people, god damn it! I asked Tahira if she would partner with me, and the rest is, as they say, history! Thank goodness a fabulous, passionate, exceedingly enthusiastic and hilarious make up artist saw the same potential!

Obviously my situation sparked my interest, but we then realised that this topic is so prevalent at the moment, and this doesn’t just appeal to those trying to conceive. It’s for EVERYONE, on whatever level they choose to engage. It’s about being smart about your choices, or rather having the information to decide what is best for you. It’s because you feel you want to go clean/ green for health reasons, or because you want to be more environmentally conscious or you just want a damn fine lippy!

What did we talk about?

I banged on about my journey for a bit (one that is all too familiar to most of you!), and the reason this whole thing came about, before introducing the brilliantly passionate Melanie Brown.

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Mel, is an extremely experienced fertility nutritionist, and I was so chuffed when she agreed to be part of our day! It just felt right for us to be talking about health/ nutrition/ and environmental chemicals, alongside making ourselves beautiful with clean make up! I don’t think we were quite prepared for what we heard, or at least the majority of the audience weren’t! Mel made, what can be, a quite heavy and scary subject, fun and supremely informative!

For those of us there, that are part of the TTC community, it was just brilliant to hear snippets of advice about what we should and shouldn’t be doing… BUT what was also brilliant was that so many who were there for other reasons, were so engaged with what she had to say! It just makes sense!

The moral of this story, children, is that these things apply to all of us! BUT “Do what you can do”.

We all want to look after ourselves, well top tip number one… DON’T TOUCH TILL RECEIPTS! I sh*t you not! People fell off their seats (well almost!).

Environmental chemicals, as we know, can play havoc with our very important hormones and Mel was brilliant at breaking this down into some really practical tips.

BPA, our IVF enemy, was just one of the many forms of plastics that we should all be running for the hills from! This is IVF 101, but it’s stuff that needs to be reiterated, particularly if you just don’t know.

Same applies to tinned food, which has plastic coating on the inside, and back to those pesky till receipts which have plastics all over them! (I’ve been paranoid all week!)

One of my friends, who actually has had a little boy through IVF, was distraught! That’s the only way she can keep him amused at the supermarket!

Other titbits of advice: toothpaste is a really easy one to change and a good one, as triclosan (ingredient in toothpaste) is a naughty endocrine disruptor!

Suncream. Just in time for hols, sorry people, we shouldn’t be slathering the old Soltan (2for1) all over us, again big endo disrupters, so go for a natural suncream. Yes they are more expensive, so is all of this stuff, but in the context of fertility treatment, I mean what’s one more pound!?!

It was great to hear all of these brilliantly life changing bits of info, and then segue into talking about how we can use all of this info and start being better to ourselves about what we put on our face.

Tahira speaks so passionately about this, I LOVE IT! Her enthusiasm is completely infectious!

She explained her journey to green/ clean/ ethical/ organic make up.  Continuing to dispel some myths around what “clean/ natural” actually means. What we should / shouldn’t be looking for in products and most importantly, how can we make these changes without breaking the bank!

Key to creating a Capsule Make up Collection

Replace items one at a time as you need them so this the basic list, in order of priority:

  1. Foundation/ Tinted Moisturiser (if your skin looks good you feel good)
  2. Lip Product (because you eat it)
  3. Mascara (finishes the face)
  4. Concealer OR Eyeshadow /Brow Palette (depending on which is more important to you)
  5. Eye/Brow Palette (see Above) OR Concealer
  6. Cheek Colour and/or Highlight
  7. Powder to finish and mattify

Then she did a DEMO on ME! I mean it’s a tough gig but someone’s got to do it! I think the last time someone did my make up, was for my wedding! It’s just great to show how many options are out there and awesome little tricks/ tips that only a make up artist can tell you! A couple in particular that were just brilliant, but I’m not going to give it away here, you will just have to come to the next one to find out for yourself!


There were so many amazing brands represented on the day that really opened up a new world of green beauty to people.



GLOW ORGANIC brought an amazing range of products to try (and buy!) including Nui CosmeticsHynt BeautyEre Perez, and Zao Organic.

Meghaan at Dr Mayoni Clinic uses one of the original Clean Makeup Brands Jane Iredale, so she brought her kit with her and shared loads of tips and tricks.

Not forgetting the fabulous Alex from niniorganics! “the more you shake the more you shine”

We were more than adequately fed and watered by the brilliant theconscientiouscook,The East London Liquor Companyand Juice Baby, and even a bit of homemade hummous action by moi!

The amazing Dwighty (husband) served as bartender and generally ran around for us all day! Legend! And the girl gang in my family did a sterling job in helping everything run pretty seamlessly!



The cherry on the cake was the amazing goody bag AND prizes we could give away to everyone! We had so many brilliant small (and big) brands want to be a part of it, it was just fab!

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weledaNini OrganicsGreen PeopleI Love Skin , Burts Bees, Monat, Therapi Honey SkincareTranquility Beauty Spa, bysarah

So who wants to come to the next one??!

K xx

Photography: Sam Holt

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