So…a blog. Didn’t see this coming.

unnamedFor those who don’t have a clue who I am, my name is Keeley and I am a 40 year old Producer, who lives in East London (/ Essex border) with her gorgeous husband, aka Dwighty.

Some people know about our journey, others don’t but probably suspect/ assume, so I decided to have a go at writing this blog.  Not only to help me work through this strange, confusing, and hopefully exciting period in our lives, but also in the hope that by sharing my experiences I might help someone else feel something, something that resonates with them in some way, hopefully. There are people out there going through stuff good and bad, and it’s good to know that we aren’t all going mad and feeling all these things. Right?!

I know it can be a very sensitive subject, and a private one, but personally I’ve found it so much more liberating being completely open about our situation. One, I’m too old for people not to ask the bloody question, ” so how many kids do you have?”, or to completely avoid it as they assume (rightly or wrongly) something must be wrong for it to  have been so long and not have any, when we are very open about wanting the little blighters! Two, it saves a hell of a lot of exhausting lying about our alcohol intake and refusing social invitations, when we would always clearly go to anything and everything!  It just makes it all easier. The whole thing is stressful enough without lying to everyone you give a shit about.
There are a lot of amazing women writing about being a mum and all that that entails, from the challenge of life itself changing, to the much needed glass of vino, (I mean who doesn’t need that, kids or no kids!). But as I was searching around, there didn’t seem to be many writing or sharing about actually trying to be a mum in the first place. So here we go…
This is my first ever blog (it’s quite scary!),  and I’m still getting to grips with it all (ha technically that is, sorry I know they are supposed to be pretty straightforward!), but the aim is to share past and current experiences, not only of fertility treatment but the rest of life that goes with it. Don’t worry it won’t be all serious stuff, hopefully some light hearted humour will help!

Hopefully someone, somewhere, might find something in it for them. If not… haha, it’s going to be like therapy for me 🙂

K x

6 thoughts on “So…a blog. Didn’t see this coming.

  1. Keeley , that is so beautiful !! You’ve made me laugh out loud and shed a few tears . Written so well, I’m sure there. Will be others out there who this will help. Loads of love always Sarah ( Kate’s sarah xx)

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  2. Sometimes life just isn’t fair is it. You are going to be great Mum and your kid is going to be so loved, what a wonderfully positive lady you are. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you.

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