Keeping occupied…

Those who have been through this process will know that the “two week wait” is a complete head f**k.
It’s all about trying to “not think” about what might happen, keep busy, but not too busy (cos that’s not good for you either).
Rest, but don’t rest too much.
Still going for blood tests, but that’s weirdly therapeutic and feels normal.
Keep injecting, and pretend that these ones don’t hurt like a bugger! They really do, along with the fact that your derriere swells slightly, and you feel like you’ve had implants… an area I need no help with! Oh and it makes sleeping a little uncomfortable; I’ve had to adjust my TV watching slump and even my walk is a slightly more gingerly stroll, rather than my purposeful “shopping” power walk.
I’ve decided the best strategy (for me), is active mornings, and chilled afternoons. I even succumbed to a little nap yesterday (unheard of for me)! Rather nice though!
So one of my “tools” this week, aside from some great reading (currently reading The Power by Naomi Alderman, which is fab), is a small amount of retail therapy (I am me after all) and some “mindful” colouring! hey why not!? I love colouring, and am chuffed it is now socially acceptable for adults 🙂
and on we go… come on little dudes.
K x

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